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Summer time and the livin' is easy :)

Hello livejournal beasts/friends,

It is finally summer vacation and it's been like three months since I've actually posted. Not that anyone actually reads these posts. This summer has had quiet the bustling/tumultuous start. Firstly with exams and tying up the last year of my high school career and then with graduation events and such. And finally with surgery. =/

June 30th, 2009, I had surgery involving a mid-line incision (a.k.a. a six inch cut starting at my belly button and going down 0_o) and removal of tumors (possibly malignant) and cysts. It's funny because when I went in, they took me into the operating room and the anesthesiologist was like "I'm just going to give you this needle to relax you, so you don't get upset from being in here too long" and I was like alright... and then BAM I'm in the recovery room and it's twelve thirty (I went in at 8AM). Crazy, crazy, crazy! Anyway I haven't heard the pathology yet, but as far is it seems now, the tumor was cancerous inside but the outside wasn't so it was contained. It wasn't an agrassive cancer so it didn't spread rapidly or anything. They also had to remove my left ovary because it was destroyed as well as four cysts on my right ovary. The doctor said that I should start up with regular hormones and cycles and such so here's hoping! Now all that's left is checking up on me to make sure the tumor doesn't grow back. I'm just hoping I can still have kiddies one day.

Anyway, I'm recovering quickly it seems and the weekend is being spent at the boy's house. I'll be moving in here at the end of the summer. WLU Brantford here I come! I'm super excited for university, it seems like it'll be so much better than high school what with having specialized courses in things I'm actually interested in. Anyway, I plan to update more often, since it's the summer and I never have anything to do.

Peace out bruthahs♥

My music is where I'd like you to touch ... :S
Bonjour my friend(s)
I'm unsure if I have more than one...

It's been what feels like ages since I've done a livejournal post, even though it's only been like a week. I haven't really felt in the livejournal spirit but here goes nothing.

It's been kind of a meh last couple weeks. I've been feeling pretty lethargic/stressed/emotional due to homework and certain little boyfriend related instances (one in particular) plaguing me. Here's to hoping things start looking up! 

Anyway it's Easter weekend which normally would be very nice but a number of things have made quite unpleasant. I shall make a list to show you:
1. Lack of boyfriend seeing time
2. Surplus of bitter, cynical, crotchety old great-grandmother time (I may get a toonie out of that though!) 
3. Surplus of family time with obnoxious uncle who tells my dad my boyfriend are having sex and drinking and doing drugs and any other thing he can think of to invoke my (step)father's wrath upon me and my loud mouth aunt who is going to tell me again how she "watched Twilight the movie like 30 TIMES!" and just has to read the books! 

Well Happy Easter Feasters bruthahs♥

P.S. Here's what happen when you search google for "crochety grandma":

Looks about right.

Put your hands down my pants, and feel aroowwwwnd!
`Happy hump day, good friends! 
Firstly I would just like to say that there is an unnecessary amount of homework piling up in my do list and I think we should lock all teachers in a meat freezer. Ahkay? Also since my life is not complete without list making, here's a list of alllll my homework:
- ISU Prep Notes
- The Odyssey/Ulysses question
- Read A Tale of Two Cities chapter 5 and 6
-Read Summa Theologica article by Thomas Aquinas on "Speaking in tongues"
- Do seminar #3 on the enlightenment (already finished that (Y))
- Study for quiz Friday (probably won't end up doing that at all)
- Presentation via powerpoint on the ethics of vegetarianism
- Studay for test tomorrow ('cause it's all facts on the church and shit)
SO woo hoo fun! 

Also Lele grabbed my hand today and said "Put your hands down my pants, and feel arowwwwnd," then we traveresed to Subway. Yeahhhh we do cool stuff like that, also we do cool stuff like vigorous sex all day and night until our legs fall off twice.

Suck on that! 

As a final fun thing to do I will google "inappropriate" 
Here you go: 

P.S. I highly recommend the book "All the Wrong People Have Self-esteem: an inappropriate book for young ladies or frankly, anybody else" by Laurie Rosenwald. It's a short read but it's pretty funny! 

Voting Satan for valedictorian; hilarious.
Greetings earthlings,  
Yet another week has begun and the day has progressed most uneventfully. Here's an account of today:
7:30 am - was violently awaken by Tom's alarm clock which uses a hideous shrieking noise similar to a
hippopotamus being run over by a mongoose in heat, Not fun.
9:00 am - Period 1: English - Worked on hideous abomination of magazine ads that form a road and a sky. The teacher was very upset over spoiled valedictorian ballots in which Satan and Jesus Christ were selected. It was quite hilarious and I'm banking on Satan winning.
10:30 am - 11:45 am - Period 2: Philosophy - Desperately attempted to make lele take me for some form of caffeinated beverage using my best persuasive skills. Note to self: Develop better persuasive skills.
*Lunch*- Sat with Marlizzard and Stephane and conversed about the past. Took a very chilly walk
to Mac's to buy vitamin water.
12:25 pm - 1:50 pm- Period 3: Western History - Listened to OD, answered too many questions because I actually did the majority of the homework (lame) , got assigned more questions and a seminar. Died a little inside.
2:00pm - 3:15 pm - Period 4: Religion - Spent my library work period with lele / was bored.
I would travel into the period of time I have spent at my place of residence thus far but it is far too tedious and tiresome to recount. Also I get to drive to school tomorrow so my need for you, lele, has come to an end.
Since my need for you has ceased this is what will happen: 

Anyway, peace bruthahs♥

P.S. Lele my love for you still courses through my veins like radioactive rubber pants.

Livejournal is sabotaging my deuglifying time.
What is up bitches.

I really should be doing my makeup for the upcoming show at J's Place tonight (featuring The Holly Springs Disaster) but instead I suckered myself into writing a livejournal post while the boyfriend is showering away. Today was incredibly, horrifically, mind numbingly boring. I had to paint a room in Tom's great Aunt's house who is in a home because of her alzheimers, which is sad but oh my god. Painting and cleaning with Tom and his Dad is not fun AT ALL.

I must say I do love that boy though. He's a dick sometimes but last night we fell asleep on the couch watching a movie together and in the morning he said it was cute and it made him think of us being old together. Hahaha it's pretty lame I guess but it's the little things like that, that make fall more and more in love with him.

I must say that the character Katie on Horton Hears a Who is realllllly cute. I love when she says "In my world everyone eats rainbows and poops butterflies" or something like that ahahaha.

Anyway I should go put makeup on so I don't look like a faghag! 

Peace out bruthahs♥

P.S. I'll leave you with this:

Livejournal is a bitch, public transit and addictions.
Hello my fine feathered friends,

You may be shocked and apalled at the title of this blog and think to yourself "how dare she take the sacred name of livejournal in vain?!" Well let me tell you a little something. Livejournal refused to let me change the colour or size or bold my font. WHAT TRAVESTY IS THIS!?

So the weekend begins, with a trip on city transit, living it up in the lap of luxury. It irritates me so much when people bring their children on the bus and then spend the entire time scolding them with a harsh, dirty (and might I add obnoxious) "SHHHHHHHHHH"-ing noise when all their children were doing is saying "BIG, BIG, BIG, IT'S SO BIIIIG!" Honestly lady I'd rather listen to your cute kid saying funny things than your haggard old self making a revolting shushing noise.

On a side note: I'm at the boyfriend's (Tom) writing this and I told him he couldn't watch me write, so he went upstairs. Seconds later I recieve a textual message saying: "Captain's log: March 27th 2009; boyfriend kisses me and then proceeds to blow pizza breathe at me" Apparantly this is what I write about hahaha. Although I do like the captain's log thing, made me laugh.

As a final note, I must say livejournal is capturing my soul and I am becoming quite addicted, thanks for that lele, thanks.

Anyway, peace out bruthahs♥

P.S. When I googled "captured soul" this came up:

Mango Smoothies, Tofu FAIL and Anticipation station!
Thursday is officially complete and I must say I have just enjoyed quite a delectable mango smoothie. Although there were little bits of mango that didn't get blended up... mango hairs I suppose? I also attempted once more to make tofu appetizing. Let me say one thing... F A I L. The food looked really good with it's rice noodles, broccoli and crispy Asian flavoured tofu but let me tell you this; it was sadly misleading. Ah well the attempt is what counts? I also helped my mom cook ground beef and was pleasantly surprised by not getting grease splattered in my face! Sign of a good meal prep if you ask me.

The weekend is just around the corner! This week passed by exponentially quickly despite be stuck in English class with the worst teacher in the world. Anyway the weekend should be a good time. There's a show Saturday and the rest of the weekend will be spent watching Land Before Time with the boyfriend. Je suis tres excite.

Aside from my boyfriend's crazy mother stopping him from talking to me and having to endure what my English teacher calls "learn
ing" this week has been pretty good thus far.

So when you google "crack puppies" this comes up:

SO my brother saw me googling that and being the odd child he is asked why i didn't look for "crystal meth puppies" (He also asked me various other questions like what I would do if a crystal meth puppy kissed me) so here's what comes up for "crystal meth puppies":

Those crazy kids! 

Anyway, peace bruthah!♥

Creative is as creative does?
First off, does that title even make sense? 
The point of it was that I somewhat stole the idea to begin blogging from my friend, lele, who happens to be an incredibly witty blogger (although obsessed with a man she calls OD and a girl she refers to as Jessgeo)

Blogs are such a cliche concept now, it's funny how things like that spread like butter on toast. Which is to say not very well at all but I guess that depends on the temperature you're keeping the butter at though, doesn't it? 

Anyway I took a delightful trip today with lele to a little place I like to call The Windmill. As we approached the doors of this prestigious place I make note to another friend about how you can buy your own windmill (referring to the wooden "windmills" for sale out front) Said friend nicely (and by nicely I mean in way that ridicules me and will forever scar my self image) points out that they are lighthouses not windmills. Nice job self, nice job.

Also today I received progress reports... they seem to say I'm doing well but I'm sure of how this happened since I have yet to do well in any quiz or test thus far (except for philosophy, but we all know that class is a joke, eh? eh? ) 
Ah well the female parental unit is satisfied for now.

At this point I would just like to slip in (Ahahaha, that would be what she said, she being lele last night ;]) that lele and I are lovers and always will be (especially since I branded her last week! ) and her online romance with Jessgeo cannot change that.

Anyway, peace out bruthah.

P.S. Happy hump day! And here's a little picture I whipped up in paint. That's right only paint was used in the making of this work of art.